The NATO Escalator

First off, I would like to apologize. I can't seem to find time to get these rants of mine out there. Also, I never expected anyone to read them, but I have had a couple of legitimate comments. So apologies out to you as well for my not getting to them earlier. OK, before I get started on the things that are really bothering me this month, I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and will have an equally great new year.

You guessed it! This will be about NATO and Russia, again. It seems there will be no end to NATO escalation during the new year. They continue to supply weapons, monetary support and entirely no support for negotiating any kind of peace agreement with the allied forces, (the Russian Federation, the Chechens, DPR and LPR Militias and the Wagner Group, hope I didn't forget anyone). As NATO continues to fight their proxy war of which there may be a few volunteers from western countries that are being eaten up by the meat grinder, it is by large and far the Ukrainians that are paying with their lives. By meat grinder I am of course referring to Bakhmut, it seems to be the term that most are using now. I really can't believe how many people are being killed and wounded in this small city every day as NATO keeps pushing these poor souls into the Bear's artillery. All this pain and confusion just because the Empire (read as United States of America) will not release their hegemony on the world and would rather scorch the earth than work peacefully with other countries. I do realize that as a person living in Canada, if the American dollar should cease to be the reserve currency in the world that my standard of living may also cease to exist. But, I think it is time that we become on a more equal footing with other countries and share whatever resources that we have left rather than the western elites taking everything and letting others slide into poverty.

It is just disgusting thinking about some of the events that had happened this year that were caused by the people of the west, stealing oil and grain from Syria, rerouting Ukrainian grain from Africa to Europe, Europeans in an economic death spiral, just to name a few. I mean. Really! What have we (NATO, the five eyes) become? Some sort of an alliance of pirates that rape and pillage weaker countries. The way our elites and media talk, you would think that we were morally better than that. Apparently not! Well, I don't mind saying that, I secretly hope that Russia makes us see the error of our ways. Relax all you supporters of the main stream media, like I said earlier, no one really reads what I write anyway. So, I guess all you western elites will be safe to continue raping and pillaging the world while starting as many conflicts as you see fit. By starting conflicts I am referring to NATO starting a new front between Kosovo and Serbia, (I thought those poor people would have had enough last time around, during the nineties). But apparently not as Kosovo threatens Serbians living with them and forcing Serbia to come to their aid, While NATO all the while threatens Serbia. Only because Serbia was loosely aligned with Russia. Also, the US has forces in Romania whom are egging on Moldova to start something with Transnistria, (whom happen to be mostly Russians). So possibly two more fronts between NATO and Russia coming up in 2023, it is shaping up to be one helluva year.

As I have said before, I guess in the elite's eyes, this is all understandable. Just a fight to keep Westphalia on top and the rest of the world down. I do believe that the elites are under the influence, of what, I do not know but it sure is clouding their judgement. Russia has really amped up their military industrial complex and has significantly increased their armed forces, just go to Andrei Martyanov's website and read what he has to say about that whole situation as I consider him the go to guy for Russian military developments. That being said, what an uphill climb NATO has ahead of itself, if it thinks it can come out ahead on this. I still believe that all these conflicts to come are all derived from the lack of resources, mostly energy, that the world will be facing in the years to come. 2023 promises to be anything but boring, it shall be very interesting to see what develops. If you would like to stay informed on these events, just visit Andrei's site as I previously mentioned, the Duran or Alexander Mercouris. I also have all these guys linked on the home page.


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