The Golden Billion

Recently many have been taking note of the G7 countries trying to hammer out a plan for price caps on Russian oil. Are they insane? Admittedly, no one but the elites can possibly defend against that allegation. For most of us, we are not central bankers, who are most assuredly behind all this BS. My knowledge of making such plans and the ultimate powers of the elite or central banks is very limited but I do pose another question. Can they honestly be that arrogant and self-centered to believe that their banking systems (more technically made up BS ) can  prevail over a population's need for actual physical items such as oil and other commodities? The collective West (or the "Golden Billion" as Vladimir Putin refers to us), are already seeing the writing on the wall in our future. The move to a multi-polar world is being cemented due to these types of, dare I say, short-sighted and obtuse policies.

Countries in the West and their globalist agendas have all but destroyed their industrial capabilities and now rely on this banking control BS. These countries have become door to door salesmen with nothing to sell but their concocted vision of how the world should operate. Delusions or food on the table? One would have to say it would be a very easy decision to make indeed.  Let's see, should southern countries become a trade partner with the US and the collective West who only offer their banking and other management concocted BS or with say, Russia and China who actually offer real products and commodities. Another mindless decision that is effortlessly made. It is easier and cheaper to cut out the middle man (read here, the US, Canada, Europe, the usual suspects). Who only forced their will across the world with their collective military; to bully other countries into their uni polar globalist empire ruled by the elite.

It's a very nice and self serving delusion that the elites have, but the cracks are starting to show. Every one but the west, (what is it? About eighty percent of the world.), has their eyes on what is happening in Ukraine. A war between Russia and NATO countries. A war that will bring about the end of the globalists one way or the other. We see it every day, when we go to the pump, when we go to the grocery store and have to pay and pay. We have been outplayed economically and militarily by those that want to live by their own rule. Do not kid yourselves. These globalist elites are all about the oil and other commodities, because that is what props up their stupid fabricated central banking system. The banking system in which they implement to control the population. But Russia has said Niet (actually Het)! Now all the West has, is an empty sack of economic weapons. no oil or resources to back their ponzi banking schemes. And very little military might to rape the non-compliant with the intention of the procurement of their resources. The only move the West has now is to bluff. Will the rest of the world see through this bluff? Only time will tell.

One thing is for sure. As this ground and economic war continues, we the public will pay more and more to prop up this Bullshit. The economy will spiral out of control, (my belief) as the elites begin to realize that there is not enough oil being produced to back up their stupid ponzi banking scheme or maybe a light has turned on in their minuscule gray matter and they do realize that peak oil will eventually force them to capitulate. But will they? Now, they believe that they can control what we think by way of censoring and bribing main stream media. Hoping we will be dim-witted enough to believe that they are still relevant in an ever changing world that will eventually turn their backs on the elite's so called reserve currency.

If we have reached peak oil, the truth is, there will not be enough to go around. And the West doesn't have the ability any more just to take what they want and let the rest of the world suffer. Which has only one ending, a global reset which will see the resources of the world becoming spread thinner and thinner over an unsustainable population. More wars and violence? Most definitely, not to mention the possibility of famine and whatever else that is unimaginable until the population does become sustainable. I guess what I am saying is "the golden billion" we will cease to be. We will have to survive just like the rest or become slaves to the Western Elite. Whom will pick and choose who will be the survivors because we will be the only ones left that they will have power over as the rest of the world will be able to physically put them in their place, so to speak. So now that leaves a decision that we the public of the West have to face. A chance to survive and find prosperity as with the rest of world or have our Elites choose which of us will survive or prosper.

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