Apples And Oranges

In yesterday's post I had wished everyone a Merry Christmas. On reflection, I realized that I wasn't "including everyone", Well! I may not be a practicing Christian (or anything else for that matter), but my family has always celebrated Christmas here in Canada and I started realizing that that was in the process of being cancelled in our modern western culture. Now that I'm thinking on the subject of cancel culture, I happen to be a heterosexual white male. I think I may be on the path to cancellation as well, according to our main stream media, elite ruling class and pretty much everyone else on line. Oh, Well! So be it. I still say Merry Christmas, still like women, still like 80's rock and muscle cars, Ha! But, you know what? I don't tell others what to think or be and I most certainly wouldn't want to cancel them. So […]

Sorry, But I Can't Resist,

Like I said, sorry Mr. Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin, respect.

Truths Left Out

By the Main Stream Media

At any given day the news on main stream media (MSM) is at best half-truths and worst, outright misinformation and complete propaganda. This I think, the majority of the public knows, but still participates and is thus influenced in some way. In outright plain and open view the MSM is not telling the truth about the Ukraine and are downplaying it in order to make the public complacent about the true nature of war. The truth is, on this current path, NATO and the Ukraine are going to lose badly. If one wants to view but a moment of truth on the ground in the Ukraine just watch the video below. It is of Ukraine forces attempting to storm the 4th brigade of the LPR and is most likely recorded by a LPR drone. I found this video on a website or blog that I frequent by Larry Johnson. I cannot say enough positive things about this man, he is one of the best voices out there on the truth of the war in the Ukraine. You can find him at "A Son of the New American Revolution" . Warning! this video can be quite graphic.

And, as for those of you who still believe Mr. Putin is just a mad man dictator who showed up just in time to screw Ukraine over, this past year - Main Stream Media

Highly Recommended (Video)


Andrei Martyanov

Andrei has extensive knowledge of modern warfare and weaponry and his videos can be quite humorous.

Gonzalo Lira

This man is actually located in the Ukraine and has quite unique views on political topics (his round tables are very good with excellent guests).


Alexander Mercouris

Alexander, (one of the two Alexs), is part of a video news channel know as the Duran. He has excellent daily summaries of the events in the Ukraine and their influences on the world.


Military Summary

If you want to know what is happening on the front lines daily in the Ukraine, tune into this channel.

The New Atlas

Brian Berletic is also another great analyst on the NATO/Russia war.